President’s Message

President Patrick Boggs

I want to thank you for your support and confidence as President of the Kentucky Sheriffs’ Association for 2019. I look forward to meeting with you and discussing the issues that affect us throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Now more than ever our brothers, sisters, and communities are faced with an overwhelming amount of challenges that require us to come together as one united front. Our association will remain successful and strong in leadership as long as we work together to achieve our common goals.

I encourage each and every sheriff to support our Boys & Girls Ranch and continue to set the positive example for our youth in these challenging times. The Ranch is a great place for our youth to learn values and activities that will help them succeed in their future endeavors. With your dedication to service for the Boys and Girls Ranch and your fundraising events, we can help sustain this rewarding project.

I look forward to working with all veteran and forty-six new Sheriffs and encourage each one of you to actively participate and get involved in our association. Our strength will continue to grow with everyone’s hard work, input, and commitment. Now more than ever we must band together to reestablish the positive image of law enforcement. Remember, “No Sheriff Stands Alone.”


Patrick Boggs
Mason County Sheriff
President, Kentucky Sheriffs’ Association