Kentucky Sheriffs’ Association Awards Criteria and Applications

Please carefully read and adhere to the necessary criteria for each award category. A committee will review all nominations, and awards will be announced during the Annual KSA Conference to be held December 3rd through December 9th, 2022 in Owensboro, Kentucky at the Owensboro Convention Center.

Mail completed nomination forms to Sheriff John Aubrey, 531 Court Place, Suite 600,
Louisville, KY 40202. All completed nomination forms and supporting documentation must be received by October 1st, 2022.

Supporting documentation may include individual letters of support, reports, photographs, newspaper articles or other media reports, statistical information, previous awards or recognition or any other appropriate, supporting information.

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KSA Sheriff of the Year

The Sheriff of the year should be an active KSA member in good standing and personify the ideals and philosophies of the Kentucky Sheriff’s Association, and be supportive of the Sheriff’s Boys and Girls Ranch. His/her conduct both on and off duty should be above reproach at all times. The Sheriff should be looked to as a community leader and his/her department should be an example of professional law enforcement.

KSA Deputy Sheriff of the Year

The KSA Deputy of the year must be nominated by his/her Sheriff. The Deputy Sheriff of the year should be nominated for their year-long performance and not for one particular act. The Deputy Sheriff of the year should personify a professional law enforcement officer, both on and off duty. His/her appearance must be neat and professional. He/she must know and follow the policy & procedures of their agency and must be considered a significant asset to the successful operation of their agency.

KSA Medal of Honor

The KSA Medal of Honor is the highest form of recognition awarded by the Kentucky Sheriff’s Association.

The Medal of Honor may be presented to a sworn member of a Sheriff’s Agency who as a result of law enforcement action, distinguishes themselves by an act of extraordinary courage/heroism, while engaged in personal confrontation with an armed adversary, at imminent personal danger to life, with knowledge of the risk, above and beyond the call of duty.

KSA Medal of Valor

The KSA Medal of Valor may be presented to a sworn member of a Sheriff’s agency who, as a result of law enforcement action, distinguishes themselves by an act of bravery, at imminent personal danger to life.

KSA Civilian Support Award

No law enforcement agency can operate successfully without community support. Some citizens go above and beyond in their efforts to assist and support law enforcement. It is this type of individual the KSA strives to recognize with its “Civilian Support Award”. The Candidate should have rendered service to your agency/personnel in a significant way that had a positive impact on your operation/personnel.