2019 Medal of Valor

Deputies B.J. Grayson and David Hutcheson

Todd County Sheriff Office

On February 10, 2019, in darkness and down pouring rain, Todd County Deputies B.J. Grayson and David Hutcheson responded to a residence due to a call from a subject in the residence who stated there were people in his home and that he may have shot someone in the home.

Upon arrival the subject was observed outside the residence. As the two deputies started approaching the residence the subject entered the garage and fired a shot. The subject then entered the residence. On several occasions the subject exited the residence through the front door armed with either a shot gun or a handgun. At one point the subject walked out on the lawn and started talking to a tree. Deputies were giving commands to the male subject, but he would not comply. The subject would re-enter the residence and then appear back on the front porch repeatedly, and once pointing a shot gun at deputies. 

Deputy Grayson had the dispatch center contact a local EMS worker that may be familiar with the elderly male. The son-in-law was contacted and information was received that identified the elderly subject and that he was having mental medical issues due to a change in medication. The son-in-law advised that the subject had several weapons in the home. Again the man came out of the residence and pointed a handgun at deputies, then went back into the residence and a gunshot was heard. The son-in-law arrived on the scene and started calling for the man over the public address speaker in Deputy Grayson’s patrol unit. After several intense moments the subject appeared out of the garage. The son-in-law kept calling for him and the subject started walking toward responding officers. The tension and stress grew as he would not show his hands as he kept walking toward officers. When the subject got to the front of the patrol unit Deputy Grayson was able to grab him and slowly took him to the ground with Deputy Hutcheson securing him with handcuffs. After he was found to be unarmed, EMS transported him to a medical facility to be treated.

Upon clearing the residence it was observed that the man had fired several rounds inside the residence. There were no other occupants in the home at the time of this incident.

The deputies that night were faced with horrible conditions and a situation could have ended much worse. Due to the training and experience of both deputies, incredible restraint not using deadly force, and just down right bravery and common sense, the situation turned out for the best.  After a stay in the hospital, today the subject’s mental health is back to normal.

For their actions taken on this night, the KSA presents B.J. Grayson and David Hutcheson the KSA Medal of Valor.