2019 Deputy of the Year

SRO Deputy Tracey Mayberry

Todd County Sheriff Office

An Army Veteran, Deputy Mayberry is also a 25-year veteran of Law Enforcement.  Deputy Mayberry was the very first School Resource Office to be hired under a COPS Grant to Serve in Todd County.  She was also the first female Deputy Sheriff to be hired by the Todd County Sheriff’s Office.

Letters of nomination for Deputy Mayberry were received from both the Todd County Sheriff’s Office and the Todd County School District.  Deputy Mayberry takes her job as an SRO very seriously and went to work right away implementing safe school policies for the entire Todd County School system, including training staff and faculty in how to respond to emergency situations. 

This past year Deputy Mayberry implemented a teen police academy for students to learn of the tasks that involve law enforcement.  Deputy Mayberry also developed an art club within Todd County Central High School to provide students with an opportunity to positively express themselves through art. 

Deputy Mayberry gets involved with troubled students and began a no bullying program.  She often works with parents of children with behavior problems in school in an effort to learn the source of the problem rather than just responding to the symptoms. 

Deputy Mayberry is also a certified forensic interviewer and is often used to conduct interviews at the Pennyrile Child Advocacy Center.   

The 2019 Co-Recipient of the Kentucky Sheriffs Association Deputy Sheriff of the Year award is Deputy Tracey Mayberry of the Todd County Sheriff’s Office.