2019 Co-Deputy of the Year

Captain Jesse Riddle

McCracken County Sheriff Office

As the Commanding Officer of the Drug Unit, Captain Riddle not only oversees the day to day operations of the Unit but has his own personal duties and case load.  In less than eight years Captain Riddle has supervised or assisted with investigations resulting in seizures of a million dollars in cash, hundreds of pounds of methamphetamine, and the arrests and convictions of hundreds of offenders.

Through Captain Riddle’s efforts the Drug Unit has been able to work complex criminal conspiracy cases.  Through seamlessly work with local, state, and federal agencies these investigations have not only had a positive impact on the McCracken County area but throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky and beyond.

Captain Riddle is a professional, dedicated, effective law enforcement officer who makes a difference.

The Kentucky Sheriffs Association Co-Deputy Sheriff of the Year is awarded to McCracken County Captain Jesse Riddle.